At the Vernare Launch party, we displayed an interactive presentation that helped guest visualize the Vernare concept.  We have made that presentation available for the public to view.   If you have trouble viewing embedded presentation,  Click here to view full presentation site.

Vernare will serve as community gathering spaces where families, school personnel and community partners work together to strengthen the neighborhood through service projects, educational programs and civic engagement activities. By providing “green space”, setting high expectations for strong student outcomes and focusing on neighborhood development, Vernare Learning will fulfill its mission to develop an integrated “cradle-to-graduation” education system that supports healthy kids, healthy families and healthy communities.

Vernare Learning middle and high schools will be designed within the framework of the Pathways to Prosperity model, meaning that students matriculating through the program will receive the academic, practical and technical formation to be ready to pursue higher education and/or employment in the “green” areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Examples of specific fields of study will include disciplines such as: Food/Agricultural Sciences, Robotics, Programming/Code and Bioethics. To that end, strategic partnerships with local, national and international companies will be forged to provide students access to real-world scenarios in the highly technical and comprehensive workplace directly related to sustainability issues.