The framework for these schools is based on the four pillars of the Green Schools Initiative*

  • Environmental Health—being toxics free
  • Sustainable Use of Resources—reducing the ecological footprint
  • Create Green, Healthy Spaces—providing healthy food and green schoolyards
  • Teach, Learn, Engage—environmental and conservation education

* Visit to learn more about the Green Schools Initiative.

Vernare Learning schools are designed to be an integral factor supporting community sustainability—healthy kids, healthy environments, healthy neighborhoods. 

The students of Vernare Learning schools will be “scholar citizens” –demonstrating strong academic achievement, environmental stewardship and advancement of community.


 The objective of Vernare Learning goes beyond providing quality public education options—the greater goal is to help create sustainable communities. These campuses will serve as community gathering spaces where families, school personnel and community partners work together to strengthen the neighborhood through service projects, educational programs and civic engagement activities.

By providing “green space”, setting high expectations for strong student outcomes and focusing on neighborhood development, Vernare Learning will fulfill its mission to develop an integrated “cradle-to-graduation” education system that supports healthy kids, healthy families and healthy communities.