In addition to filling its primary role of developing a “green” K-12 school, Vernare Learning will provide complementary services designed to support the mission of community building.

A signature program of Vernare Learning will be Parent University.  This unique program will feature the research-based curriculum to provide parenting skills to new and young parents, with particular focus on school readiness, literacy and community service. Specific focus on holistically developing young children (birth - 3rd grade) will be implemented. Parent participants will also gain access to much needed resources to help build a stronger, sustainable future, including but not limited to: financial literacy, job skills/entrepreneurship resources, education resources. While this program will be separate from Vernare School, the services it provides will benefit the families of students who attend, as well as strengthen the neighborhoods in the communities surrounding the school.

In addition to parents, guardians and caregivers, community volunteers will also be trained to participate in the various outreach activities organized by Vernare Learning—ranging from home visits to community service projects. This powerful program component will further establish Vernare Learning schools as centers of education, development and empowerment in the community, thus supporting our integrated mission.