Students will have authentic opportunities for peer-to-peer teaching and leadership as student prefects and participants in the Student Life Organization® (SLO) program. The goals of the SABIS Student Life Organization® are to:

  • Provide students the opportunity to experience real-life work, responsibility and accountability
  • Complement the academic portion of the student experience
  • Involve students in their own education
  • Promote the highest standards of ethical and moral behavior
  • Reverse negative peer pressure and attitudes
  • Promote a positive outlook on life

All students will participate in the SLO program in one or more of the following ways:

  1. As student prefects (peer tutors),
  2. As participants in during/afterschool clubs/activities,
  3. As participants in annual community service projects.

Participation in the program will begin in Kindergarten, with grade-level representatives forming a Student Council. In the early elementary stages, the Student Life Organization Director will provide structured guidance to the students, including—providing coaching and support to student prefects; mentor Student Council members in leadership development; monitor and implement the school code of conduct and disciplinary process; organize annual community service projects; and manage afterschool programs/activities.